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Yoga and Health
Discover your BLISS.
EveryBODY is Welcome Here.


Body Bliss Connection, LLC – School of Yoga and Health offers an open and relaxed setting to discover yoga activities and foods that best nourish YOUR body.


Our School is for EVERY"BODY". Tall, short...Thick, thin...Young, old...Active, inactive... We modify and adapt to fit your individual needs. AND we teach you how to modify and adapt in life, to meet YOUR goals!


Whether you come for Ascension Aerial Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Traditional Yoga, Fitness Classes or one of our many Health & Wellness programs, you’ll find yourself immersed in information and comfort. You’ll leave feeling uplifted, content and balanced, both in Body and in Mind.


We've developed our classes to be "real" and impactful to your every day life. Teaching you healthy, realistic and fun activities backed with information to help you create a Happy, Active and Fulfilled Life.


Health Consultations Available!