Dear Bliss Student,

I am reaching out to you, sending you well wishes and some Unfortunate News. I would like to speak genuinely and truthfully from my heart, Thank You for taking a moment to read this.
I wish to thank you, for all of your support, encouragement, thoughts and love over the months and years. You have helped to weave a truly unique and beautiful community at Body Bliss. Without you, this could not have happened. I am grateful to you for all you do, all you share, all you give to each other and to the community at large. You are amazing and I love being a part of this “tribe” in which we, together, have built.

As COVID-19 hit and required us to close our doors for the safety of our community and instructors, Body Bliss Connection, llc has been struggling to keep Live Stream class attendance up with the sale of passes and memberships. I was prepared to keep reaching and working to grow and improve but there are other factors, in light of this pandemic, that come into play.

The reality is, once we are eventually permitted to reopen, there will be some hesitation on the part of many of us, to gather in groups once again as health and safety are of utmost concern. There will be distancing restrictions, which will severely impact class sizes, therefore income recovery potential. In addition, we cannot fully understand the economic impact that this pandemic has created and how “disposable” income will be spent. None of us can know what the future brings.

Body Bliss, along with many other micro businesses such as salons, spas, massage therapists, etc. did not qualify for the Forgivable business loans being offered.

Due to the studio being shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of what the economic future may hold I have had to make the difficult decision to close Body Bliss at the end of May. This has been the most difficult decision of my life and it is not made lightly. It is devastating to me and our instructors. We are all deeply saddened and yet, we remain hopeful that the future may offer all of us something stronger and more aligned with the needs of our”self”, our community and our world.

UNLIMITED MONTHLY MEMBERS: No more payments will be taken. Your membership renewals are stopped. You will have unlimited access to the Live Stream classes through May 30th (regardless of when your membership would have renewed) and unlimited access to the video Library until December 31, 2020.
UNLIMITED VIDEO LIBRARY MEMBERS: No more payments will be taken. Your video membership renewals are stopped. You will continue to have unlimited access to the Video Library until December 31, 2020.
CLASS PASS HOLDERS: Live Stream Classes that began on March 20, 2020 will continue to be offered through May 30th 2020. Unused class passes have been able to be used and will continue to be able to use during this time. Register for class and the link is emailed (to the address on your account) 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
OR, if you would prefer, you can trade in your class passes to access to the Unlimited Video Library with more than 30 videos currently, and growing.  If you choose the Video Library you must REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH YOUR REQUEST. We will set you up and email you instructions on how to access the videos. You will have access until December 31, 2020.

Please have patience with us and offer a bit of grace as we navigate this closure in the best and most heartfelt way that we can. It will not be easy for me, our teachers or our students.

Thank you again for your support, your kindness and your grace. I am so sorry for this and I wish you joy, love, health and happiness in every way.

Jessica Sowers  HC, AADP, E-RYT500

Temporary Studio Closure



Hi Everyone.
I am writing with deep compassion, grace and a bit of a heavy heart.
With all that is happening with this virus, school closures, the recent mandate of closure to restaurants, social distancing and what is sure to be even more restrictions soon, I have made the decision to TEMPORARILY CLOSE THE STUDIO, effective immediately, until this situation clears up.

  1. There will be no more in person classes until the virus has passes.

    • While we may all be healthy and take extra precautions, we do not want to unknowingly or unnecessarily spread this virus. We can help make a difference, now.

    • If you are registered for a class, the class credit/pass will be placed back onto your account for use when the virus passes and we re-open.

    • If you are registered for a Special Event/Workshop, the event credit/pass(es) will be placed back onto your account as we will reschedule these events as soon as possible.

  2. I am finalizing software/apps/websites to best serve you and deliver live and pre-recorded classes to you in the safety of your own home.

    • This will be finalized and information communicated out to you within 3 days.

    • We know how much the stress relieving, focusing and centering benefits of yoga are needed right now and want to be of service to our Bliss Family of students.

  3. We know YOU are all affected by this, through the studio closing, schools closing, jobs being placed on hold, etc.  Myself, staff and Body Bliss are also affected by this virus.

    • First, I want to let you know that if we can help in anyway, please reach out and we will do what we can to help you and your family (money saving recipes, sharing food, toilet paper, being there for you, emotional support, etc). This will be tough on all of us.

    • Second, since everyone around the country will be facing these exact challenges, let us all put our energy into a graceful, supportive, loving recovery. If you are in a position to support those in our community and each other, please do.

    • Support local businesses, if you have that capability, buy gift cards, passes, take-out, etc. Be kind and non-judgemental as we all navigate this time. It is NOTHING that any of us have EVER dealt with.

    • Third, stay positive, Healthy, and in touch with each other. We will get through this together.

We look forward to THIS BEING OVER SOON!!! Love you all! Please, take extra care and STAY IN TOUCH, as we will too!!!


Jessica Sowers - Owner