Tips for Beginners of Yoga

Always wanted to try Yoga, but not sure what to expect? Allow this list of common expectations put your mind at ease.

Hopefully, these tips will help make a difference for someone who's deciding to try Yoga!

1. What to Wear.

Most important thing is to be comfortable. The latest "Yoga Gear" is not necessary. You want pants that are comfortable to move in, without buttons or zippers. They can be Yoga pants, high waisted leggings (some are see through, so be aware!), sweat pants, or anything that fits well and allows you to move comfortably.

On the top, wear layers! Sometimes we build up heat and you'll appreciate shedding those layers but then, be grateful to add them back again in Savasana! Be sure your top is not too loose. It's not comfortable if your shirt is riding up in a forward fold or covering your face in downward dog. It's best not to have to worry if your skin is showing, so you can stay focused on your instructor.

Also, Sock Free will give you your best yoga experience! Feel free to start with socks on, if it's chilli, but remove them once you get warmed up! This allows you to stretch into some poses without sliding on your mat.

2. What to Eat Before Class.

Most people can find their first yoga class a bit more challenging than they anticipated. So, it's a good idea to have a small snack before class, A handful of nuts, some yogurt or a piece of fruit, might be some great choices. However, it's not wise to take a class on a full stomach. Feeling bloated or "full" is not the best when resting in childs pose. You'll feel best, waiting to eat a full meal until after your class!

3. Arrive Early.

You'll want to come to class at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will allow you to meet your instructor, complete the required paperwork, and inform them of any injuries, illnesses or health concerns you may have. Your instructor wants to know these things! It allows them to tailor specific poses to be exactly what your body may need.

4. What to Bring.

Bring a Mat, if you have one, if not borrow one from the studio. Our studio, like most, has everything you will need, and you're more than welcome to utilize them (no rental fees!). Bring a water bottle, towel and an open mind! Please leave your cell phone, silenced or off, with your belongings at the front of the studio.

5. What NOT to Bring.

Leave your ego and self judgement at the door. Yoga is not a competitive sport, but a practice to bring internal awareness. You may feel like everyone is looking at you but they aren't. With this practice, some become so "tuned in" to themselves, they don't even know who else was in class with them!

6. Human Touch Adjustments.

Some instructors might give hands on adjustments during class. It is truly a wonderful experience to gain better alignment or move deeper into a pose. These adjustments are not to discourage and are not a sign that your doing something "wrong", its more that they are simply trying to help you discover 'ease' within the pose.

However, do not hesitate to let your instructor know if you prefer not to be touched. It is your space and your body and will be honored, always.

7. Don't skip Savasana.

Savasana (sah-vah-sah-nah) is the final pose in your yoga practice. It can be the entire reason to get through your yoga practice! This final Relaxation pose can be the most challenging pose for beginners and advanged yogis alike but also, the most important. It's like hitting the "reset" button. It allows us to fully absorb all the benefits of the postures completed as well as calming the central nervous system and allowing the breath to find its natural rythm. In this pose, we can truly allow ourselves to just be.

8. AUM or "Om".

Some yoga instructors begin and/or end a class by chanting "Om" (pronounced A-U-M). If you wish to simply sit and listen, please do! This is a blissful way of uniting the energy within the room. AUM, loosely means Everything. It is the beginning, middle and end. It is the past, present and future. It is the hum of the earth. The power of the sound is said to "unite those around us".

9. Namaste

Almost all yoga instructors close their class by bringing the palms of the hands together at the center of the chest and bowing their heads. Along with that, they will say "Namaste" which, loosely translated, means "the light within me, sees and honors that same light within you". You may choose to follow, or simply sit and enjoy the aftermath of your practice.

The benefits of Yoga are endless. Just ask anyone who practices! Learning about the styles of yoga, your instructor and the studio is a great step in reassuring yourself in taking the first steps in starting a Yoga Practice. Know you can try different styles, different instructors and different studios. Everyone has their own way of delivering the numerous benefits. Find an instructor that "feels" right for you. Try not to be nervous about giving yoga a try, it may take 2 or 3 classes to begin to settle in but, in the long run, you'll truly thank yourself for taking that first step. For going to that first class. Until then...


Body Bliss Connection, LLC - School of Yoga & Health, offers a diverse group of instructors and yoga syles. We are truly proud to cater to our beginners and allow comfort, peace and growth into their practice. For more information on our studio, classes and instructors, visit the links below.

Jessica Sowers - Owner


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