Why Can't I Eat Healthier?!

The truth is, we all probably know exactly HOW to begin eating healthier... Drink more water, eat more vegetables, reduce sugar. So, WHY is it so difficult to do?

We have so many things going on in our day to day life that tells us we can't eat healthier and even gives us the excuses we need to truly think that we just CAN'T! Our schedules, media, friends, family, pre-packed foods at the store, the drive-thru's, 5 minute pizza's and more, lead us to believe that it's just not possible.

Let's take a look at some of those reasons (or are they excuses?) and maybe, just maybe, we can get a grip on the reality of our Food choices...

1. "I don't have time to eat healthier!" - This is the NUMBER ONE excuse that I hear.

The reality is, while you may be the busiest person in the world, if something comes up that you REALLY, REALLY want, you make time for it. That last minute dinner invitation...The last minute project your boss dumps on your desk...Your child telling you that they need white tennis shoes for camp that starts tomorrow morning...You find a way to get it done! You make the time needed when it is something you really want to do.

So, what happens if we make our health a priority? What if we actually, WANT to feel better? What if we knew we absolutely needed to have more energy? Improve our focus and productivity? Improve our thoughts? Maybe even release some weight? What happens if we actually make this a true, honest to goodness priority? Well, the amazing reality is...if we believe we have 30 minutes a day to eat healthier, then the time will be there. You'll notice a shift, not only in your beliefs, but also in the way you think about and choose your foods! Things will begin moving in the right direction!

2. "I can't afford to eat healthy." - This is the second most common excuse that I hear.

The reality is, making healthier choices doesn't have to break the bank. A Harvard Study

found that eating the healthiest diet possible, only increases the cost by about $1.50 per person, per day. AND, if you are more realistic and shoot for eating healthy about 80% of the time (a much more realistic and maintainable lifestyle goal), the cost is even much less than that.

3. "It's too difficult to know what I should and shouldn't eat!" - This is understandable. Between all the marketing, the food and superfood claims, food associations, etc.; i.e. drink milk, don't drink milk... eat more spinach, don't eat spinach because of the chemical sprays...eat more fish, but only wild caught... it can truly get confusing.

This is where a little common sense can go a long way. I'm sure you know you need to drink more water and less soda. So, start there! You probably know you should have more vegetables everyday. Yep! Go there next! Begin to add in the things that you know you should, without fully restricting the things you think you shouldn't eat...trust me. Adding these things into your diet will get easier and easier. As for the chemicals and contaminants, eating spinach...any spinach, is better than a double cheeseburger from the drive through any day! Pretty soon, your body will begin to not want the other things so much! It's a great step in the right direction and isn't so overwhelming!

4. "I can't stop eating sugar, I'm addicted." - While this could be true, giving in to that thought and allowing it to control you might not be the best answer. While multiple studies show how addicting sugar can be, the reality is that we can actually teach our brain to want healthier foods! Adding in the nutrients that your body needs (increasing vegetables, adding lean proteins and healthy fats like omega 3 and omega 7 fatty acids) those nutrients can help to curb the cravings and allow an easier time to reduce or eliminate the sugars.

There are so many more reasons (or excuses?) to not eat healthier, we could go on for days! But, I think you get the point. Don't give in and cave to old or current thought patterns around food. Don't try to do a total food overhaul and completely change the way you eat overnight. Take steps in the right direction, know that you have enough time and absolutely can make some small additions to what you are doing now. These small steps will pay off in a big way! The changes will grow, the choices will improve AND...when you fall back into old ways, know that it's ok! We all do! Just begin where you are and start adding in the good stuff again!


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