98% of “Diets" Fail. Let’s stop the Madness. Food Changes EVERYTHING!

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Jamie Marich, PhD.

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Clinical Counselor

“Jessica Sowers is a master at her craft.  Skilled at meeting people where they are at when it comes to health coaching and their goals.  She also has an uncanny ability to work with food in a way that is not shaming yet still challenging, a delicate balance I have not been able to find with many Health Professionals.  I am a busy women who travels extensively for work (at least half of the month), and Jessica is giving me the tools  to thrive energetically on the road while equipping me with the tools to make healthier choices in all areas of my life."

Brian R.

“I met with Jessica to lose weight and learn to eat better.  She has helped me accomplish those goals and so much more. I'm learning more about myself and how to listen to my body in other ways. I've become more productive and focused at work.  I've become more patient and supportive at home (my wife and kids are grateful for that), and I feel more fulfilled. This is not something I would've expected and I didn't even know I needed it.  All this in three months.  I'm looking forward to the next three. ”

Shannan L.

“It's not often you find someone as kind, supportive and knowledgable as Jessica. She has created a goal oriented program based on ME and my lifestyle. The mental and physical effects of making healthy dietary choices have made such a positive impact on my life. Knowing that I always have her there to cheer me on and  support me when things are challenging, makes ALL the difference! Also, after attending her workshops, I walk away with so much more information  that continues to help me on my new journey to a better, healthy me!  I can honestly say, this has been one of the best choices I have made for myself.  ”

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